Daan Boven

Daan Boven

Student secondary school, web designer

+31 (0)6 53 26 70 78


Tech-savvy, autodidactic, creative professional with a passion for both building web solutions and advancing youth participation.


Carolus Clusius College
Gymnasium (vwo) 2016-2022 Studying a variety of subjects, including philosophy, history and social sciences, as well as physics and
mathematics B & D. Additionally, leading the school debate team.



Work experience

Boven Webdesign
Freelance web designer 2016-present Developing customised web solutions, aligned with a company’s identity.
Project Kea
Creative professional 2019-present Designing and developing a revolutionary digital platform to learn languages. Project Kea is driven by talent and innovation, and is bent on capturing the imagination of learners.


Participation Council
Student member of the participation council of the Carolus Clusius College 2021-2022 Expressing student’s ideas and opinions and giving constructive feedback on the shape of education.
Model European Parliament
President of the General Assembly of MEP Overijssel 2021
Winning national delegate 2020 A non-partisan leadership programme for youths in EU member states.
Overijssel Debat Award
Winner 2020 A student debating competition in which over 500 participants discover democracy and the art of debating.

Related works

Saying and doing the right thing is good for business,
Profile project (vwo) 2022 Exploring how Nike could improve its reputation among young customers.
Instagram research CLI
Command line interface (CLI) app published on GitHub 2022 Enabling the results from a questionnaire published on Instagram Stories to be retrieved and processed.
Onderzoek Jongerenparticipatie Zwolle​
Viaa Christian University of Applied Sciences 2021 Facilitating a research on the implementation of youth participation in Zwolle and presenting the research for the city council of Zwolle.

Daan Boven — hoi@daanboven.com — +31 (0)6 53 26 70 78